Who helped make this book possible?

This book is dedicated to people all over the world who are dealing with end of life issues. May this story entertain and remind us what we can control and what we cannot. My vision of a future society is where individuals are naturally granted the right of self-determination and always guided by a deep love of life.

I wish to thank some of the people that encouraged and inspired me over the years in my efforts to write this story.

To my friends Ron and Marsha Stafford, Greg and Gordon Maclachlan, Elizabeth Heron, Anne Jordan. To my editor Jim Dempsey. To my family members Joanne Johnson, Rodney and Sally Armstrong, Geri Pasquinelli, Denise Joaquin, Julian, Shaun and Dylan Heide. And to my wife Janice for unending encouragement and her words upon first hearing the dream/story, “You ought to write it.”


Where can I buy the book?

Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com, Itunes and Kobo and Smashwords.


What exactly is a Pickering?

This is unknown. But you might find out.



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