The Flight of the Pickerings

A love story in flight. Frequent humor and moments of tears

Author: johngraysonheide


Genuinely vibrantly imagined…emotionally rigorous…idea driven…with indelible characters and true suspense.
A tender tribute to human valiance…..impossible to be unmoved by this fragile life-affirming story!

Terrific debut by John Grayson Heide

elyse jody


Two quotes came to mind as I read this. The first is”Life is what happens to you as you plan for something else” and the other is”Tell God your life plans and listen for the laughter.” Ok, so both are a bit cynical but I also think pretty realistic. This is not a story of sappy sentimentality, but an honest look at end of life issues. What would you do if you’d made a promise to a loved one to help them end their suffering of a terminal illness? Would you be thinking of what’s best for that person or for yourself? The Pickerings comedies of errors(and there are many) are funny, touching, and Oh so possible  .I’ve often thought about these issues, but I doubt that my life story should be made into a movie as this book should. It would not be a blockbuster but would be a sleeper that would slowly gather an audience of loving fans.

David Halpern


About the book

Guy Pickering has the biggest problem of his life. He knows what he has to do and he just can’t bring himself to do it. Dorothy, the only woman he’s ever loved, suffers with pain and dementia and has only weeks to live. Years ago, she made it clear to Guy that he is expected to put her out of her misery if she ever got to this stage. With love and honor in heart and a dread of loneliness, he decides to go with her and saunter into the afterlife beside his wife.   A plan is hatched, but Guy finds that he is not good at this sort of thing and everything is further complicated by a rebellious teenage grandson that shows up unexpectedly. Much to Guy’s frustration, Life keeps getting in the way of Death.